Project Galleri Format

Good times for arts and crafts
The arts and crafts were long ignored by international investors, but in recent years they have begun to attract significant interest both in Norway and abroad.

On 17 September 2011 Galleri Format opened the doors to its newly refurbished gallery at Rådhusgata 24.

We consider the opening to be an important relaunch of Format and an investment in arts and crafts in Norway. Thanks to funding from the Arts Council Norway and the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts, the Oslo-based gallery has undergone extensive rebuilding to turn it into a modern and exclusive venue for Norwegian and international arts and crafts. As the leading arts and crafts gallery in Norway, it is important to focus on exhibitions – something which the new premises enable it to do.

Furniture for the commissions department was specially designed along with work and meeting tables.

Kaels Studio was asked to tweak the layout so that the commissions department and the gallery frontage towards Kongensgate would serve as a shop, to give the gallery a “White Cube” identity that would give prominence to the physical art it contains, and to create a private showroom at the rear. The showroom should also serve as an office and meeting room.

The buildings in the Kvadraturen quarter in Oslo are old and crooked but also exquisitely decorated. So are the ceilings in the gallery. An important part of the job was to leave the ceilings intact but without making them stand out, leaving the gallery as a sober, high-quality yet neutral space. An arts and crafts gallery also differs from other galleries in that much of the physical art is exhibited on the floor. We are grateful for being given the opportunity to help take Norwegian arts and crafts’ own showroom and gallery to the level that it deserves.

Project title: Galleri Format
Project type: Gallery renovation
Size in m2: Approx. 160
Project address: Rådhusgata 24, 0151 Oslo
Project architect: Sebastian T Holmgren
Client: Galleri Format
Photographer: Fin Serck-Hanssen
Completed: 2011

kaels - galleriformat
kaels - galleriformat
kaels - galleriformat
kaels - galleriformat
kaels - galleriformat
kaels - galleriformat